• Just 11” Wide Folded

• Energy-Efficient Helical Worm Drive

• Travels up to a 52° Incline

• Two Wireless Remotes Included • Folding Rail Option

Safety Features

• Centrifugal Overspeed Brake

• Bi-directional Footrest Obstruction Sensor

• Swivel Seat Cut-off Switch

• Final Limits

• Chassis Obstruction Switching

• Seat Belt

Helix handles stairs with curves and angles with a slimmer, sleeker design. The narrow profile mounts closer to the wall, hugging the stairway with tighter bends and flowing radius curves. The ride is ultra smooth—and whisper quiet. Ergonomically-designed seat and armrests include premium upholstery. Standard manual swivel and full-fold armrests make entry and exit easier. 

An Economical Solution—Designed for cost-conscious buyers; the Vantage Stair Lift is a sturdy, comfortable, low maintenance lift that is easy to install. Utilizing a well protected rack & pinion drive system with a speed regulator, users will experience a smooth, consistent drive speed as they ascend or descend. Complete with an upholstered seat and powder coated chassis, the stylish stair lift is sure to complement any home decor. Inside Rail View Harmar Rail Competitor Rail 

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• Speed: 20 FPM 
• Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. 
• Electrical Requirements: 100–240V AC; 50/60 Hz


• Speed: 19 FPM 
• Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. 
• Electrical Requirements: 100–240V AC; 50/60 Hz 

Harmar Pinnacle SL600

Value Straight Stair Lifts Features 
• Speed Regulator 
• Traditional Rack & Pinion Drive 
• Covered Gear Rack 
• Compact, Folds to 13.6” 
• Travels Up to a 45° Incline 
• Two Wireless Remotes Included Safety Features 
• Footrest Obstruction Sensor 
• Swivel Seat Cut-Off Switch 
• Final Limits 
• Seat Belt

• Speed: 20 FPM 
• Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. 
• Electrical Requirements: 100-240V AC; 50/60 Hz 

Harmar Vantage SL400

Rhino Contractor Services

• Narrower Profile 
• Tighter Curves 
• Smooth, Quiet Ride 
• Lighter Rail and Less Assembly 
• Easy Diagnostic Port Safety Features 
• Direction Limit Switches 
• Final Limit Switch 
• Footrest Obstruction Switch 
• Seat Swivel/Cut-off Switch 
• Constant Pressure Controls 
• Seat Belt 
• Safety Edges 
• Emergency Stop

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The Harmar Pinnacle SL600 is our most popular solution for a straight staircase.  The Pinnacle stair lift can be installed to accommodate the weight limit of 350 LBS.  The Most Compact Stair Lift—Engineered to the highest industry standards, Pinnacle Stair Lifts are designed for optimal comfort, convenience and aesthetics. The space-saving Pinnacle folds to 11” making it the narrowest lift on the market. Its patented helical worm gear drive generates the smoothest, safest and most energy-efficient ride available.

Harmar Helix Curved Stair Lift