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​​​​​Rhino is proud and pleased to offer Harmar stair lifts installed for as low as $2695.  If you are worried or afraid of climbing up and down your staircase,  Rhino has just the solution for you.  Give us a call and schedule your FREE estimate today!

- Construction Administration
- Home Maintenance

- Ramps

- Grab Bars

- ADA/AIP Services and Aids

- Stair lifts and Vehicle Lifts

-VPL Vertical Porch Lift

A level of service so rare, it's endangered.

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We are currently offering a great opportunity to remodel your bathroom.  The Bath in a Box deal gets you a new tub or shower, new toilet, new vanity and top, and new flooring for $6950 or just $124/mo.   

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Renovation and preservation projects are done with care and concern for architectural and structural integrity as well as beauty and function.

We specialize in providing the services and products that make life easier! 

We are happy to assist you with your handicap accessibility, home maintenance and many other projects.

​​From concept to completion, every step of a project is handled by our team.